CLASS NEWS 2022-2023

September 26-30
  • It was great to see so many students showing school spirit by participating in Crazy Hair Day! I loved all the creativity. What a fun spirit assembly we had today!
  • Students read a folktale this week, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff."  We have been focusing on characters and traits.  Encourage your child to read at least twenty minutes daily at home.
  • Characters Facing Challenges in the theme of unit 2 in reading.  Students will get a chance to create their own Character Mask project.  Please see the orange paper they brought home with additional information. This is an at home project that will be due on October 10th. 
  • Don't forget to mark your calendar for October 27th at 9am for our 2nd grade performance.
  • I look forward to seeing you next week for parent conferences. Please be punctual for your conference time. They are scheduled back to back.  If you chose a Zoom conference I will be sending you the Zoom link the day of your conference. Thank you!
September 19-23
  • Thank you parents for all your generous donations to our Community Club Education Support Drive.  They will still be accepting envelopes if you have not had a chance to turn yours in for the raffle coming soon.  
  • Students took their first math unit test.  I will be sharing the results with you at our conference and showing you how grades are done on tests and quizzes.
  • We will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday this coming Monday by making applesauce in class. Your child can contribute by bringing 1-2 apples that are peeled and chopped up into little cubes. See the red paper in their eagle folder for more information.
  • Students had a chance to learn their parts for our performance today.  They also learned a few poems and songs that they will be sharing during our program in October.  
  • We have been really working on learning and following all school expectations outside and inside the classroom.  Ask your child about the "Golden SOAR tickets."
September 12-16
  • We took another timed test on addition facts.  The goal is to be able to complete it in 5 minutes or less.  By learning math facts, students develop their working memory by increasing its capacity, which allows them to remember more things at once.
  • We celebrated International Dot Day on Thursday!  After hearing the story, The Dot, students worked on figuring out what it means to think positively.  This story is about having a growth mindset. Ask your child what's the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.
  • We are still collecting envelopes for the Education Drive.  So far about half the envelopes have come in for room 10.  Students are hoping we win a class prize for full class participation.  Make sure to sign it and have your child's name on it.  All envelopes go into a raffle drawing. 
  • Next Friday, September 23, is the last day to order SOAR t-shirts and sweatshirts.
September 5-9
  • Students have been working hard on solving math word problems and took a quiz using the strategies we've learned.  
  • We have been reading a lot about the government and how the government's two main goals is to keep citizens safe and to keep order. They love sharing about their parents following traffic laws. 
  • Today was the first day of theater for our class!  Students were excited! They learned words like ensemble, V.I.B.E.S. and actor ready... Ask your child what he/she liked about theater.
  • Please look over the papers in your child's returned papers purple folder over the weekend and sign under parent signature.
  • Your child received our annual Community Club fundraiser envelope.  Please return the envelope with a parent signature next week. Thank you for always being so supportive of our school!!
  • Students were introduced to our second grade dance performance- Danse Macabre!  This will be our first performance at Evergreen after three years!  Save the date-Thursday, October 27th at 9 a.m.
  • I encourage you to purchase a shirt from Student Council.  Students will be wearing these every Wednesday.  They are promoting our core value of S.O.A.R.  Click here to order your child a SOAR SHIRT.
August 22-26
  • Today students took their first math quiz.  Math grades are earned by quiz and test grades.  Please see your child's purple folder for results.
  • Our classroom gets cold from the air conditioning, you may want to send a sweater or light jacket for your child to wear inside.
  • Our weekly language arts homework starts next week, this includes a list of spelling words students will be working on.
  • We started Coomber Cash class money.  Students were able to earn money for following directions, turning in completed work on time, and being awesome.  Students lost money for talking while others were talking, being disrespectful, or not keeping hands to themselves.
  • We had our first Spirit Rally with the whole school today.  It was great to see the students cheering for their grade levels, winning prizes, and learning our school chant. 
  • Picture day is Wednesday!
August 14-19
  • We are continuing with getting to know you activities as well as with logging into different programs. 
  • Students have been logging in at school to work on Google Classroom, Think Central Math, Xtra Math, and Accelerated Reader (AR).
  • They have taken a few reading comprehension quizzes on AR, ask them how they did on these reading quizzes. 
  • Don't forget we have PE on Tuesdays.  Have your child dress accordingly. 
August 8-12
  • We are off to a great start getting to know each other and getting familiar with our class routines.  
  • Students listened to several stories this week such as First Day Hooray, Dragons Love Tacos, Pigeon Has to Go to School and First Day Jitters.  Ask your child to share his/her favorite story.
  • Book orders are due by Sunday.  Please place them online if you are interested. Your child should receive the books within a couple weeks.
  • Our library day will be on Wednesday at 10:10-10:40.  We will start visiting the library on August 24th.
  • Please remember to sign your child's reading log on the back of the homework tracker and the paper inside the purple folder and have your child return them on Monday.  Thank you!