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Welcome to TK !

    Your child's year in transitional kindergarten is a year of learning many new and exciting skills and concepts. Children will have the opportunity to develop socially, academically, and physically. A child's natural curiosity enables us to explore concepts through hands-on experiences, providing a rich learning environment for your child.   The beginning of school is a time of excitement and sometimes requires an adjustment period as your child leaves the security of mom and home.
Please help your child's transition by talking to them about their day, making sure they get a good night's sleep, and feeding them a nutritious breakfast before sending them to school each day.
During the first several weeks of school, we will spend a large amount of time on the area of listening. Listening involves really hearing what is said and then responding appropriately to what is said. Please help your child by being consistent in requiring them to be a "hearing" listener and a responsible responder to what they hear.
Also, please help your child learn to make good decisions. Making good decisions in their behavior at school will help them be responsible and caring children at home as well. We spend lots of time having class discussions about good decisions at school. Please take advantage of opportunities you have with your child to have these discussions at home, too. These two areas are the foundation for a successful school career for your child.
Let's have a Great Year in TK!