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Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Evergreen Elementary School recognizes its obligation to nurture the intellectual, physical, emotional and social capacities of each child to the fullest extent possible so that each child can profit by continued schooling and so that, ultimately, each can lead a fulfilling life in our society as a productive worker, citizen and private individual.

Mission Statement
  • We believe in providing a safe and peaceful learning environment, which encourages cooperation among the staff, students and community.
  • We believe in using instructional strategies, which address and maintain proven methodology.
  • We believe in a program which identifies and strengthens common values, goals and needs among all cultures. We also believe in promoting pride for all nationalities, valuing and accepting ethnic difference, and respecting the beliefs of all cultures and individuals.
  • We believe in immersing students in an integrated curriculum that promotes problem solving, critical thinking and creative expression.
  • We believe that it is important for students to reach a level of caring and competency so that they are able to identify social issues and take appropriate actions to help resolve them.
  • We believe in the process of shared decision making to have all concerned parties share in the final decision.