Welcome to Kindergarten!

Kindergarten is a place where children have learning opportunities to develop academically, socially, and physically.  The natural curiosity of young children leads us to explore concepts through hands-on experiences upon which they are able to construct their learning. 
     The beginning of kindergarten is often a time of excitement; the children look forward to coming to school with big brother or sister, new backpacks and lunch boxes, and having fun with friends during recess.  It is also a time of anxiety for some as they leave the security of mom and home.  Allowing them time to transition from what they know to their new school environment is very important in building their confidence and abilty to be successful.  Many of them still need afternoon naps (sometimes I do, too!) and this transition time allows them to naturally grow out of it. 
     The area that we usually spend an enormous amount of time strengthening is the area of listening.  Listening involves hearing the spoken word and then responding appropriately to what is said.  Parents who are diligent and consistent about requiring their child to be responsible and accountable for improving in this area of listening will see positive effects for years to come.