Mrs. Julie Jeon » Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Glad that you are here! 
On a daily basis, please send with your child:
a water bottle, healthy snack, large backpack, and VIP folder
Make sure your child goes to bed early and gets lots of rest.
REMINDER: ALL THURSDAYS, the students are excused at 11:25
VIP - Folders are sent home every day. Please empty out the contents on a daily basis and send the envelope back to school.  
MONTHLY CALENDAR- Please find a place on your refrigerator or wall to display your child's kindergarten calendar. Every month your child will receive a new calendar, marking important dates, and also will be asked to cross out the days that have gone by.
HANDS ON HOMEWORK- Will be sent home starting in OCTOBER-   Please send back the Homework Bag (folder & work completed) to school EVERY FRIDAY. 
Current Weekly Reminders:
**Please review the day - every day! Please be sure to ask your child about their day. Check their VIP folder, ask them about songs, books, snacks, what alphabet letter they are learning about, and what color day they had! This review provides amazing cognitive development, including verbal skills, and signals to your child that you are aware and interested in what is going on. This shows them that who they are and what choices they are making are important to you!
**A healthy breakfast, lots of sleep, a place to look through books, and opportunities to practice listening and following directions are an important part of your child's everyday routine.